Cancellation Policy & Contact Information

No Show or Cancellation policy for all patients:
Please note there is a $45 fee or forfeiture of one pre paid treatment for any no show/cancellations within 24 hours of your original appointment time.  You must give 24 hour notice of your original appointment time to avoid any charges.  There are no exceptions, we have a no tolerance policy towards this.  We do pay a technician for your laser time and reserved a laser and room for that time period.  This is our only control factor to maintain our low price structures which we offer.  Our goal is to not raise prices on everyone for a few customers that no show appointments or cancel without proper notice.  Without this policy in place our internal expenses would rise and then we would have to increase prices for everyone.  Our business model and aggressive price structure simply can’t afford to not charge this fee.  Please be considerate of our time and we will in return be considerate of your time and provide you with excellent laser treatments.  This has been our policy for 11 years and it has benefited everyone in maintaining our internal and external cost.  Please do not ask us to make exceptions to our policy and our staff has no ability to waive any fees.

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