Introducing: New Laser Treatments for Toe Nail Fungus!


This remarkable laser treatment eliminates Toenail fungus. The light laser technology passes through the nail and kills fungus in 3 treatments.

  • Simple
  • Safe
  • Highly Effective
  • No side effects
  • Virtually Painless
  • No Anesthesia, Needles or Drugs required
  • Does not harm normal surrounding nail or tissue

∗ results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person

Fungus Nail (Onychomycosis)

This common problem occurs in about 40 Million people in USA. Fungus nail is an infection of the nail caused by a Dermatophyte. This Dermatophyte lives within the keratin of the nail, burrowing and causing destruction. The fungus nail has characteristics of thickening, brittleness, discoloration, crumbling, lifting, loosening, odor, deforming and of course causing pain. Also, a major psychological aspect of having unsightly fungus is embarrassment of showing nails in public or going to salons or wearing open shoes or going to the beach. Fungus can also spread to other nails or possible spread to others around you as it lives on almost anything and is everywhere.

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How do nails become infected with fungus?

  • Chronic athlete’s foot
  • Poor hygiene
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Trauma from injury or sports or ill-fitting shoes
  • Over zealous or unsanitary Pedicures
  • Chronic use of nail polish
  • Systemic conditions like diabetes or circulation problems
  • Conditions that compromise immune system

Treatment of Fungal Nails include:

  • Topicals- Creams, lotions, sprays, powders, lacquers etc
  • Home remedies- Vicks, tea tree oil, Listerine etc
  • Oral medications
  • Surgical removal of nails

All of these treatment options obtain less then desirable results. Topicals are very ineffective and have to performed daily forever. Oral medications can cause possible organ problems like issues with liver! They also interact with other medications. Removal of nail is painful and results in further damaged unsightly toenails!

How does the laser work?
The laser kills fungus by passing light through the nail without damaging the nail or harming surrounding skin. Laser light inactivates the fungus biologically causing it to be destroyed. The laser is precise and has a sophisticated computer and software that delivers the correct near infra-red light to cause cell death only to fungus and not to normal tissue. Disposable toe pods are used on each patient for each treatment leaving no chance of contamination as the laser is delivered in an exact and uniform manner to every patient on every fungus infected toenail.

How long is the treatment?
Most fungus nails will require 3 treatment (spaced 8 weeks apart) to effectively destroy and kill the infection. Severe cases may require an additional treatment in about 6 months, if necessary. From start to finish the actual treatment time is about 15 minutes for each treatment.

Is the laser effective?
This laser has been researched, tested and had studies published including a major peer reviewed journal. It is more then 85% effective.

How long will it take for the nail to be clear?
Foot nails take many months to grow. As the fungus is destroyed, initially the nail will appear less brittle, stronger and with less discoloration and less odor.
Clearing of the nail usually starts around 3 months and continues until nails grows out fully in about 9-12 months.

Is it the laser treatment Painful?
No pain is involved. Few people may feel a slight warming sensation.

What is the recovery period?
None. Walk in and walk out!

Is it safe?
Yes. No side effects have been reported.

Does the Fungus come back?
Fungus can always return because of its presence in the surrounding environment. However, proper care and hygiene recommendations after the laser will greatly reduce the chance of re-infection.

Nail polish and Pedicures!
All polish has to be removed prior to laser treatment.

Cost? Insurance coverage? How do I pay for the laser?
Laser is considered a cosmetic procedure and not covered by health insurance.

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